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Postby pravin kumar » Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:21 am

Received on 7/11/14

Hello sir,

I am fine Sir and wishing your well being.

I want to tell you that Now I am regular in my meditation exercises. Its very nice experience.

As its just 1 week on regular practice so It will be very unfair to expect some magic in this short period. but I admit that now I am in more peace. I feel a bit control on my emotions, on my mind.

I really enjoy deep meditation sessions when I do and amazing thing I want to tell you this time once I was able to heal my self and i didn't ended up in numb leg with interrupted blood flow .Your advice is working perfect. Now its just me who need to practice to focus this energy.

Problems are not diluted, solutions are not found so far but now there is change , and that change is ;I am calm even if there is no solution.

Now i am feeling hopeful that i am on right path.

I am really very very thankful for you advising words and your guidance. I hope I will keep receiving your guidance in future.


Received on 14/11/14

Hello Sir,

How are you. Wishing you good health.

I want to tell you that I am regular in my meditations but yes sometime temptation comes as I will do later etc. But still I am trying to maintain the regularity.

2nd news I want to share with you that I have qualified written exam again for Public sector banks. But I am not super excited as already in past I cleared written 4 times but due to hard luck it didn't turn out in job.

But still I am positive.

Sir It would be great if you could suggest me some forum which is dedicated to spirituality or life philosophy.

Thanks a lot.

Received on 17/11/14

Ok sir,

Yes I agree sir, I am more on pessimist side since my childhood. I notice negative things first.

I am trying to work on this and right now I am effortly trying to see something good or positive in daily life, i have started from very small things as appreciating minute minute things of routine life, my present , but in major issues still my thinking is same stucked to bad past experiences.
With these baby steps I believe I can overcome my bad habit of last 27 years of being pessimist.

I will surely keep your advice in my mind.


Recd. on 20/11/14

Thank you sir for your every single motivating word.

Today I read 1 response of some lady posted by you in forum in relation to meditation, the golden words really energized me stating " my goal is I will continue to conquer everyday....."

I was wondering so far what is my goal in life as I am not attracted towards setting materialistic goal for me. And without goal life can't be lived.

In all such confusion I came to know and I realize today goal of life should be to conquer everyday. Do whatever good I can do from my end if its not possible through acts then at least by thinking. Because our thoughts leads to actions. If my thinking is pure then surely one day when I will have the chance to act then my actions will be positive.

I still don't know purpose of my life and want to know. I am sure everyone has unique purpose. Its just matter of time as I don't know it right now.


Recd. on 29/11/14

Very good morning Sir,

How are you?

Meditation sessions are in progress. :)

Sir I have 1 question , as I feel tingling sensation during meditation exercises and sessions, but since last few days some intense burning sensation is also there in third eye area , it comes all of a sudden , not necessarily during meditation only but if i was doing my daily normal work even then some intense burning sensation felt suddenly it goes slowly after few seconds.

Is this burning Ok or normal ? or should I need to do something to rectify it ?

Second thing during meditation should I focus on tingling sensation or should I treat it like thoughts, means as we ignore thoughts during meditation in same way should i ignore my tingling sensation to proceed further during meditation?

Please guide.

Thanks a lot

Recd. on 1/12/14

Really amazing,

Actually I got call from that person (boy of my story which i told you) 2 times last week. It was surprising for me when I picked the call from unknown no. and listening his voice which was totally unexpected that ever he can call me again.

Lets see in which direction my life will unfold. But I am sure that I have to keep moving on this path of meditation and I will for sure. Rest I should leave on God / universal forces. :)


Recd. 19/12/14

Hello Sir, how are you ?

Meditation sessions are not going well since last 1 week. I felt lost or confused again.

I am feeling disturbed so not able to focus fully. May be I am not getting time for myself from daily family responsibilities. Daily routine has been shaken up a bit. i don't know what is the reason , but thing is I am not able to focus during meditation, now exercises are not working out as sub consciously may be i have started taking them for granted like just its for 10 min, i have to count and all , and all these exercises now i am doing just to complete them so side by side other thoughts keep revolving there in my mind even during exercise sessions.

Hope once again i can get back my earlier meditation state.


Recd. on 12/1/15


How are you ?
How is your good health Sir?

I am glad that i am back on track again.

Meditation sessions are going good.


Recd. on 27/1/15


As now I am in a bit peace (credit goes to meditation only) so I can talk about following.

During my hand reading you asked twice " do you want to change anything in your life ?" "what is problem you are seeking as I don't see any major problem in your lines."

I didn't answer you as that time there was no clarity in my thoughts and i didn't know how to tell , from where to start and all.

Answer I want to give today " yes I want many things to change in my life and first thing is, I had serious opinion and belief clashes from my parents specially on point of marriage. Because they put caste and social pride over my feelings and my personal happiness.

I know I might sound bad daughter this time but i am fighting to make my own identity. Yes, I care for my parents and family, I did whatever they expect to do till date as daughter. and they also praised me but when I told them my wish about marry an inter caste boy.Suddenly I turned total black in their eyes. All my deeds so far became zero. They kept cursing me on name of their social pride. After all mental , emotional pressure I agreed to not to marry this boy but asked them not to force arrange marriage on me.

I literally can really live happy without marrying through out mylife. I know its tough but thats easy to do instead to live with anyother person. because as per my belief system I don't want to give this place to anyone else. I tried to communicate this to my parents.

But My parents denied and kept forcing me to say yes for arrange marriage as per their wish. They put me in house arrest kind of situation for few months in past and finally I said yes to get some breathing space.

Still today I am suffocating in my soul, for everyone out there I am normal being. But I am dieing inside. Its pathetic feeling.

On other hand the boy added pain in my life from his behaviour. After getting rejection from my parents he married to someone else but kept telling me that he will marry me soon. And when I actually ask for marriage then he used to give some kind of frustrated reply to me.

Even in present communication resumed but still his thinking is same , he want me in his life but on name of marriage and divorce with his current wife he is mute.

Practicing Meditation gave me strenght now to divert my mind from all these my problems in my daily life. But problems are still there, solutions still not found.

I didn't told this behave of boy to my parents otherwise they would humiliate much more.

I have 2 problems;
1. My parents proved significantly that their social pride and casteism is above my happiness and my feelings.

2. The boy for which I started biggest struggle of my life , he actually behaves in such unacceptable way.

I am suffering since last 2 years because 2 year back he came to my home to seek my parents permission for our marriage.
Our relation was of 5 year long. Those 5 years now feels like lie wrapped in fairytale world.

Now I really want to go away from every single person, I want to live away from my parents, relatives, this boy. This is change which I really need in my life. Still a very little hope inside me wishes some magic (chamatkaar ho jaye) to change mindset of that boy, and his thinking toward me so that he can follow his words (and he could kept his promises.)

Even a thinking of marrying with anyone else shakes me, its worst thing if I will bound to do so.
every day i just hope may be 1 day, may be some day soon i will get my way to deal with all these.

Recd. on 28/1/15

OK sir,

Thanks a lot for your precious guiding words. I am going to do same.

Best regards

Recd. on 29/1/15

Ok , thanks.

I am only sister, and youngest 1 in all of us. I have 2 elder brothers , no sister. Both brothers are married already.


Received on 25/2/15

how are you..

Please have a look what I have created ...

https://sites.google.com/site/crazycraf ... t-listings

I made myself this whole website, all products listed on this...... I even didn't know from where I did so..... I had no plan to do these things .. all just done in fraction of time. I was just focus to keep myself busy somewhere else.

I never thought alone how can I start 1 simple small business idea.

As so far somewhere I got sudden ideas and blessings its amazing and surprising too for me.


Recd. on 26/2/15

Thank u sooo sooo much for your guidance , if your wise words were not there then I won't be able to handle my negativity as i didn't know how to face hard time.

Thanks to teach me 1 very good habit and that is Meditation (on daily basis as a routine) .

Warm regards
pravin kumar
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