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Rules and Regulation

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Rules and Regulation

Postby govardhanvt » Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:56 am

Welcome to the devarshivedicastrology Forum!
The intention has been to create a positive, supportive learning environment for both beginning and advanced students.

Please read these Rules and Guidelines:

1. You need to register to post, otherwise you are free to read only.
2. Register only once and use only one username. Mulitple usernames are not allowed!

1. Post only in English.
2. Don't use offensive language.
3. Report offensive behavior to a Moderator or Administrator.
4. Don't advertise other products and services.
5. Post in the right section.
6. Don't post the same post multiple times in different sections.
7. Keep your post brief - ask only 1 or 2 questions - you'll get more responses.
8. Don't address your post to specific person(s). Instead say, "username or others, ..." - so anyone can respond.
9. Don't use abbreviations, for instance MD for mahadasa - so everyone can understand.
10. Don't send Private Messages or Emails asking for readings. Ask on the forum itself - so everyone benefits.

1. Use the search engine to search topics, or do an advanced search to look up a user and read all their posts. Read the 'About the Discussion Board' section for topics like how to posts images, create an avatar, etc.
2. If you need help you can email a moderator or administrator by clicking on their username, or post a question in the appropriate section.

Thanks! I look forward to the forum continuing to be a dynamic and fun place for anyone to come to discuss jyotish.
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