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zodiacal sign and election-2

Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:50 am

Goa state assembly election 2017
!Reproduced from March 2017 issue of Modern Astrology!
The formula of calculating Zodiacal sign of a place is a wonderful invention in the field of predictive astrology. It has many uses and one of them is to know probable trends of elections.
First, observe the annual chart of capital. The chart of the moment of Sun transition over zodiacal sign of a capital is the annual chart of the state or country.
Secondly observe the transit position of planets on the day of election over the zodiac sign of the capital.
Thirdly we can examine ascendant chart at the beginning moment of the election. But annual chart of the state or country alone is capable to provide definite trends of the upcoming election in a given year.
Always give more importance to Navamsa position of planets. Examine in three ways a horoscope (a) Rasi chart separately (b) Navamsa position of planets sign and house wise but don`t consider lordship (c) Navamsa position of planets with respect to Rasi position.
Now consider the 10th house for ruling party and the 4th house for opposite party. The position and strength of natal 10th and 4th sign in annual and in transit chart indicate much about the result of elections.
Basically no house represents the opposite party in a chart but the 10th house rules for the ruler and so for ruling party. The 7th house is an opposite house to the any particular house and can represent opposing traits of that house with some of its own features. Hence this is only workable assumption that the 4th house rules opposite party. Here I want to say that the certain position of the 10th lord which is harmful to the 10th house not necessarily harmful to the 4th house. The 5th house position of the 10th lord which is the 8th from the 10th house is harmful to the 10th house but will not be bad for the 4th lord if it get placed in the 11th house which is the 8th place from the 4th house. Hence primarily decide the supportive/positive strength of the 10th house. Supportive or positive means the strength of the 10th house and its lord with the connection of supportive houses for the 10th house. The position of Mars at owns sign Scorpio in the 5th house for Cancer ascendant is much harmful to the 10th house though it is strong but not positive or supportive to the 10th house.
The negative houses for the 10th house are the 5th, 8th and 12th from the ascendant. The 3rd, 7th and 11th houses from ascendant are also not much promising for the 10th house. Hence position of the 10th lord in these houses and these house lords in the 10th house indicate ill effect to the traits of the 10th house. The 5th and 8th house are most malefic in this context and any relation with the 10th house/lords is a sure sign of losing the ruling party. The strong mutual connection of the 7th house and the 10th house is also a major diminishing factor for ruling party while mutual connection of the 1st and the 10th house favors ruling government. The position of the annual 10th lord in the 7th is not good even in the navamsa chart unless it has sign exchange with other house other then the 10th house.
Natal D-10 sign of a country or state clears all doubts when it gets position in the 8th and 12th house in annual chart, it indicates that the ruling party is sure to loss. Its position in the 3rd, 4th and in the Badhak house also has some negative impact on ruling party. The 2nd house always remains in the aspect of the 8th house; hence it also may have some negative impact for the position of Natal D-10 sign while the 4th house always remains in aspect to the 10th house hence it is not as harmful as the 8th and the 12th house. This rule works effectively with the Sripati system of house division. It is necessary to calculate each house separately.
Calculate D-10 sign of a country or state by simply multiplying final longitude of zodiacal sign with the numerical digit 10 and make the resultant figure within the range of zodiac.
The Vargottama 10th house is a slightly positive factor for the ruling party. The 64th Navamsa sign should not be trine or 7th from the 10th house, even from the Navamsa sign of the 10th house as it is a slightly negative factor.
Falling of the natal sign at the 4-8-12th house in the annual chart is also a major negative factor especially from the Navamsa ascendant.
The position of Gulika and Moon sign is bad at the 4-8-12th sign from natal sign in annual chart especially in the Navamsa.
The fortuna* supports ruling party if falls in the 2-6-10th house and support to opposite party is indicated if falls in the 4-8-12th house from the annual ascendant. The 4th and 10th position is not decisive both the houses always remains in mutual aspect. Similarly its position in the 1-5-9th houses supports to the ruling party while position at 3-7-11th houses supports to the opposite party. Here too the 1st and 7th house position is not decisive though it offers slightly more favorable result for house where it is posited.
(* the formula for Fortuna is: = Moon – Sun + ascendant; without any exceptions for day or night.)
The Sahamas are important factors of an annual chart to examine. The Rajya Saham* plays an important role in our current context. That the falling of Rajya Saham or it`s navamsa in the unsupportive houses from annual ascendant in both Vargas, leads to loss for ruling party.
(* Rajya Saham= Sun – Saturn + ascendant; add one sign to this figure if ascendant does not fall in between Saturn to Sun, this process known as Saikta. Calculate the Rajya Saham only with above method and don`t consider any exception whether for day or night.)
Take the sum of the longitudes of natal sign lord and natal 10th lord from annual chart and find out the Navamsa sign of the resultant figure. Its position in the 4-8-12-3-7-11th house from annual ascendant and Navamsa is not a supportive feature to the ruling party.
All these are only helping clues but the supportive/positive strength of the annual 10th lord is a decisive factor.
The state assembly election in Goa is about to held in early 2017. Let us try to catch the probable trend of this election through annual chart of the state calculated by this noble method.
First of all calculate the zodiacal sign of the state according to formula. The coordinates of the Pan ji the capital of the Goa state are 15.48N (15°28´48´´N) and 73.83E (73°49´48´´E).
The formula: 9(Latitude –Longitude)
= 9(15.48 – 73.83)
= (-525.15); Now make this figure within the range of zodiac and with plus sign.
= (-525.15) + (360×2)
=194.85; now convert this figure in to sign and degrees.
= 6-14°/51´; now extend this figure up to the last limit of the star.
=6-20th /00; this is the zodiacal sign of the Goa, the Libra sign of 20th degrees.


Now observe following points:
1- The 10th lord of the annual horoscope is Sun who is posited at his sign of debility in the ascendant in Chalit chart taking sign of the 12th house. The 10th house is receiving malefic influence of Rahu and Saturn though the aspect of Mars is good as a exaltation lord of the 10th lord Sun. The 4th lord Saturn is posited in the 2nd house in Chalit chart with Venus at the sign of ascendant Scorpio. The Saturn is with his exaltation lord Venus and also having sign exchange with Mars hence quite strong then the 10th lord Sun. The 4th house is also influenced by the malefic influence of Ketu and Gulika. But the strength of the 4th lord Saturn is a supportive feature to the opposite party.
In the Navamsa chart the Sun is posited in the 9th house with an exalted planet Venus in the aspect of enemy Saturn. The 9th house is a supportive house for the 10th lord but the aspect of Saturn is not good. While the 4th lord Saturn is posited in the 7th house at his own sign Capricorn. Hence Saturn is leading slightly in strength over the 10th lord Sun.
The comparative supportive strength of the 4th or 10th lord is a basic determination factor of the mood of election. Here it is in favor of the opposite party.
Now let us observe some helping clues also.
2- The natal Dasamsa (D-10) sign is also Libra which is equal to 64th navamsa sign Libra. This is also a diminishing factor for ruling party.
3- The natal sign of the state the Libra falls in the 12th house from ascendant. This situation is also against of ruling party.
4- The fortuna falls at sign Capricorn which belongs to the 3rd house in Rasi and the 7th house in Navamsa chart, both the places are not promising for ruling party.
5- The value of Rajya Saham is 7-01/49, at Scorpio sign. The sign Scorpio belongs to the 1st house in Rasi and the 5th house in Navamsa chart. The 1st house is in the support of ruling party but the 5th position in the Navamsa might be in favor of the opposite party.
6- The Navamsa sign of the sum of the natal sign lord and the 10th lord is Sagittarius. The sign Sagittarius falls in the 2nd house in Rasi and in the 6th house in Navamsa chart, both the places are in the favor of ruling party.
After examining various factors more points are in the favor of opposite party. The annual 10th lord Sun is losing strength slightly as required. Some of helping factors are also opposite of ruling party. Hence the opposite party will lead slightly in the upcoming elections in the state.
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